Information About James Bertolino



• A group of seventeen poems selected for their philosophical slant:

� Two poems, one of them long:

� A collection of primarily eight-line poems:

� A group of poems, including two long ones:


Making Space For Our Living
  1975, Copper Canyon Press:

• Precinct Kali & The Gertrude Spicer Story
  1982, New Rivers Press:

—Interview / Essay / Reviews—

• Interview conducted by Matthew Campbell Roberts, featured in the Cortland Review, Winter, 2007.
Reprinted as The Path of Water, 2008, Stone Marrow Press:

• A wide-ranging essay by Ron Silliman covering James Bertolino's work from the early 1970's to 2006:

•A review by Amy Schrader on Reading Local: Seattle

—Other Websites—

• Covers many publications, including books, anthologies, broadsides, cards, etc. and includes a vintage photo of the author:

• The website for Egress Studio Press, a small press publisher of Pacific Northwest Poets